Karel Kingsley was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her attendance at an international boarding school sparked her interest to travel and live abroad. Karel has lived in Germany and England while completing her BA and LL.M in law and sociology at Oxford Brookes University and City University London respectively. She worked for a regulatory body and also founded a pop-up art gallery, PoptArt Gallery LDN before traveling to Eastern Europe in 2018. She now lives in Belgrade, Serbia, with her partner, photographer Stefan Ćulafić. Karel is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur. She is passionate about visual arts and storytelling. She believes that you can tell a lot about people and society not only by what they tell you but what they show you. Karel is also a DIY queen, a true crime fanatic, and a coffeeshop lover. She takes pride in writing for the self-development blog that she co-owns, Self Improvise. 
Aleksandra Erić was born in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Engineering Management in Creative Industries. The music industry brings her more than joy, in fact, it’s her life. Aleksandra is a prominent DJ in Belgrade and travels across Europe to perform. She also hosts and manages Radio D59B, an eclectic music station based in both Belgrade and Berlin. Her passion for aesthetics and culture is visible through her work as a designer for Daire, a sustainable fashion brand that she founded in 2016. Aleksandra is a modern art, home interior, bookshop, and travel enthusiast. She’s also a domestic at heart. Aleksandra shares her love for cooking with her friends and family and is a mama to many plants and one ladybug (her dog), Leni. Aleksandra uses yoga and meditation to restore balance and drive her creative processes. She is an activist in all that matters to this world and is not afraid to speak from the soul.